ChromaPlural opens up new levels of design freedom for architects and planners. The system merges the Chroma and Plural plus ceramic series which have been so successful for many years and expands the range of applications in the form of practically unlimited combination options.


Serial variety and flexibility: specially developed for ChromaPlural, the UNICOLOR range of colors comprises 50 co-ordinated colors in decimal and octametric sizes. Whether glazed or unglazed, earthenware, stoneware or porcelain stoneware – the slim 3 mm joint is equally standard in ChromaPlural as the HT coating which decomposes pollutants and various slip-resistant versions. ChromaPlural is so versatile for both interior and exterior applications: from facades to floors, underground railway stations to spa landscapes.

Color spaces

Color in series & space: variety creates freedom


A color spere becomes a sphere of possibilities: The six color spheres defined in the UNICOLOR color circle illustrate how UNICOLOR acts and interacts in harmony. Adapted in a contemporary manner, the natural color range is reflected in five ChromaPlural color spheres, each formed by eight colors in graded nuances. The ten neutral tones representing grey values between black and white are also summarised in an additional color sphere.




Certified experts at six international architectural and design agencies translated the ChromaPlural color concept and modular system of formats into specific architectural applications. Their designs are indicative of the manifold possibilities displayed by ChromaPlural for individual room concepts as well as for standardised areas of application.




The right size: decimal and octametric


Two systems of measurement in a single system of modular formats: ChromaPlural offers both decimal and octametric sizes in various dimensions. Enabling manifold designs of wall and floor areas across individual rooms. A single range offers solutions for all areas: all of the products in a format range are compatible. The range includes mosaics in 1 x 1 cm format, slim 6.2 cm ribbons of various lengths and extends as far as large formats of 50 x 100 cm. In both systems of measurement, models displaying various levels of slip resistance are also included in the standard product range. And AGROB BUCHTAL also realises special formats to customer requirements.






In order to implement sophisticated room concepts regardless of the tile format, joint widths for all products in the ChromaPlural system are reduced to a slim dimension of only 3 millimetres and edge designs are standardised.


Light works!


Commitments to energy-efficient buildings have led to increasingly dense building shells in the past few years preventing odours and pollutants from dissipating outwards. While planning and designing interior areas, the aim is therefore to avoid substances which are harmful to health and make intelligent selections with regard to the materials used indoors. But building materials are not the only culprits when it comes to indoor air pollution. Floor coverings, installation materials and furniture can also be responsible for increasing concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in hermetically sealed buildings. Architects and planners can counteract these side effects using HT.

  • HT impedes the growth of fungus, bacteria and other micro-organisms
  • HT facilitates cleaning of the surface
  • HT decomposes pollutants and odours in indoor areas

And all of this simply through the effects of light!


Practically the entire range of ChromaPlural features HT (Hydrophilic Tile), thereby making a key contribution to healthy living environments and this is how the HT coating works: Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is fired insolubly and permanently into the ceramic surface at high temperatures. As a permanent catalyst, it facilitates a life-long reaction between light (photocatalysis), oxygen and humidity. This gives rise to activated oxygen and a hydrophilic, water-friendly ceramic surface. The activated oxygen undertakes three decisive functions:

  1. It breaks down micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungus and germs directly at the ceramic surface and hinders growth. Accordingly, HT sets new standards wherever cleanliness and hygiene are paramount.
  2. Water does not form droplets which ineffectively pearl off or dry leaving unattractive marks but rather a wafer-thin film is formed. This water film ensures that even the tiniest particles of dirt and stubborn residue such as grease which is difficult to remove under normal conditions are thoroughly infiltrated, detaching them from the surface and enabling them to be simply wiped off. This saves time and cleaning agents as well as representing a bonus for man and the environment.
  3. Disagreeable odours and pollutants such as formaldehyde or nitric oxides are decomposed giving rise to significantly improved indoor air. This is not only particularly convenient in sanitary facilities or kitchen areas – it also makes for more pleasant working conditions throughout entire buildings.

Further information as well as certificates of renowned test institutes on:


Raw material & compliment: ceramics in architecture


Ceramic has been an "architectural raw material" for more than 2000 years. Colorful tiles and ceramic embellishments were even used by the Etruscans in their buildings. As a specialist in architectural ceramics, AGROB BUCHTAL offers an extensive portfolio of products and services for contemporary and forward-looking building and design using ceramic.


The company's history dates back into the 18th century. Today, AGROB BUCHTAL is a global player firmly rooted in the traditional market of Germany where most products are designed and manufactured. The richly-varied tile collections and special tailored solutions are used all over the world – on the facade of a prize-winning residential complex in London or on the roof of the Museum of Cultures in Basle, in a swimming pool in Shenzhen, on a promenade in Abu Dhabi or in Munich's underground railway network. AGROB BUCHTAL serves all classic applications as well as tapping new areas of application for ceramic tiles – including competent consulting and a comprehensive in-house planning department.


Apart from technological innovations in surface upgrades and slip resistance, one primary focus by AGROB BUCHTAL concerns standards in design. Having received more than 20 renowned design prizes, the product range sets high standards for the quality and variety of each new development. AGROB BUCHTAL attaches particular importance to its extensive modular system of formats and carefully-selected color compositions. A new and conclusive color system was developed specially for the ChromaPlural range of architectural ceramics. "Color complements architecture", once noted the Mexican architect and Pritzker prize-winner, Luis Barragán. "It is indispensable for lending an area a touch of magic." Accordingly, ChromaPlural complements architecture – with plenty of scope for individual design.


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Materials science

ChromaPlural is so versatile indoor and outdoor range: from the façade to the bottom, from the subway station to the spa area. For contemporary as pioneering Build and Design with ceramic AGROB BUCHTAL offers as a specialist in architectural ceramics an extensive product and service portfolio.